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In this section you will find a list of codes and resources that you seem very interesting, page 5
if you know an amazing resource (Php,Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS... ),
please use this section to submit it, and help other people find it.


URL ColorUP is a useful jQuery plugin developed by to let users automatically highlight URLs in text areas as it is the case with Twitter.

Shuffle Images

This plugin is perfect for when you want to save space while allowing users to take a peak at what other images are related to the one displayed

FooTable Plugin

A free jquery plugin which can showcase your html tables in responsive. Get your old tables look good in mobiles, tablets etc for free.

Gmaps jQuery Map Plugin

Gmaps js script is simple in itself with minimal code and clean documentation to implement the code all by yourself. The power of Google maps now can be harvested with this cool jQuery plugin witho...


Make something draggable with code snippet of jQuery.


A Javascript drag and drop, resizing and gestures for modern desktop and mobile browsers.


Sortable — is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers and touch devices.

Scattered Polaroid gallery

A flat-style Polaroid gallery where the items are scattered randomly in a container. When a specific item is selected, it will move to the middle while the other Polaroids will make space for it by...

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