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Bootstrap Growl

Using this plugin you can create standard Bootstrap alerts into Growl notifications


A jQuery plugin that will create a booklet-like component that let's you navigate through its items by flipping the pages.

image zoom tour

This tutorial shows you how to create an Image Tour using jQuery. The idea is to zoom into certain parts of an image by clicking on tags, using another image for the closer view

animated web banners with css

This tutorial shows you how to create an animated banner with css3, you can show ads or any other information you would like to highlight

page transitions

This tutorial shows you how to use Css3 instead of javascript to create page transitions.

Sticky Notes With PHP and jQuery

tutorial to learn how to create AJAX-enabled Sticky Notes With PHP & jQuery

jQuery plugin to create an amazing web site using html5 and canvas

This jQuery plugin allows you to create html5 animations , you can use it to make amazing animated sites or sliders.

rotating words with css animations

This tutorial shows you how to rotate a text with css3 , it also shows you how to create amazing animations without javascript just html and css

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