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Dey Dey

Meka Cobb

on 29/5/19

Hey Dey Dey, hope all is well! Ive implemented the social network wall into my code but its not working. Ive add the JS and such but when I try to test with a post it doesn't work. How do I get it to work please? Email:

maki nait

on 26/8/18

bonjour Dey Dey suis un dev web
laisse moi tes cordonnées je te contacterai au plus vite merci

Serg Kobs

on 21/5/18

Hi, can you create a template for a messenger app based on your messages-chat-with-tabs snippet? Let's discuss the functionality and how we can communicate.

Dey Dey

on 9/1/18

A week ago I did launch a new tab for react native snippets on this site, with this new tab I hope to be able to contribute something additional to many developers

HI! Can share their code snippets on my site:

  • Bootstrap framework snippet user
    Dey Dey the snippets are distributed under the mit license, the snippets are free, but you can not use them in sites that represent a competition for bootdey, however you can publish some of our snippets in your site and linking us

    on 9/1/18

  • Bootstrap framework snippet user