A simple timeline

Bootstrap 4 Beta

Two years in the making, we finally have our first beta release of Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6

Alpha 6 has landed, and it’s one of our biggest ships to date.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5

Alpha 5 has arrived just over a month after Alpha 4 with some major feature improvements and a boat load of bug fixes.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 4

Alpha 4 is here to address those pesky build and package errors, a few CSS bugs, and some documentation inconsistencies we introduced in our last release.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 3

Alpha 3 has landed! We have an overhauled grid, updated form controls, a new font stack, tons of bug fixes, and more.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 2

The general plan for v4’s development starts with a few alpha releases. We’re a little behind on that, but should be getting caught up as the year winds down.

Bootstrap 4 alpha 1

Bootstrap 4 has been a massive undertaking that touches nearly every line of code.